- In essence, we are videographers, but really we are much more -

It’s important to shoot great looking video(we do!) but we shoot video with editing in mind so in the end your project has a beginning, middle and end and tells a story people want to watch. Effective production starts with listening to what you want to do and figuring out the most efficient,creative, and cost effective way to do it.


- As the expression goes, it's all in the details -

It’s a collaborative business. One person cannot do it all. It works best when each specialized professional does what they do well. But whether you need to work quickly and cost effectively with a basic 2 person ENG crew or have the luxury of a full blown production crew of 20, we are good at building the right team to complete your project. 


- Each shoot is different and there are many other services you may need that we can also provide such as -


- MULTI CAMERA  - Media training  - EDITING

- lighting & grip - STAGE RENTALS


- We make your your life easy as we know who to call -

Just need the footage? No problem. Want to edit a highlight reel on location and get it distributed the next morning? No problem. Need someone to guide your project from concept to completion? We can help you. We’re flexible and love what we do. We are a small outfit and take pride in the fact we offer very personalized service.